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Meet the Owner of Chéri la mode Boutique Chrishana Wilson

 "Because I love what I do, I go above and beyond when it comes to making my clients happy. Nothing makes me feel my best when I know I've made things extra special for them. Won't you allow me to serve you today?"



Our boutique on wheels allows us to travel into the community with our merchandise to pull up to your front door so you can come outside and onto our mobile boutique and shop. We have personal shopping opportunities available and we can  also video conference you in where you can shop live direct from your phone or laptop. We make things easy by utilizing technology as much as possible if you are not feeling up to coming outside of your home and would like to do a little shopping.

Who else is making your shopping experience as easy as we do? We offer a variety of ways to make things as convenient as possible for you.

We offer men and women fashion, bath and body products. You can book us to come to your job during your lunch breaks, to your next event, or any occasion that you wish. We will show up for you.

Text // Call 252.228.4740 

9am-7pm EST Mon-Sat

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