Spring Is Near!

”Color Theory is my favorite subject in fashion. Colors are what bring about different moods in us. How we feel makes us think and how we think make us react.”


First let me start by saying Happy New Decade to you all. What a decade it has truly been.

This Spring of 2020 we will see some of the same colors in our forecast, the difference will be the shade of those colors. In other words, many fashion trends we see today have already been used one way or the other. The question is, how much black or white has been added to those primary, secondary, or tertiary  colors?

I absolutely love mixing and matching colors together. Take for instance these photos above. The outfit on the right has orange pants with a teal top. Orange peel is one of the chosen colors on our 2020 Spring forecast pallet. Below you will see why I chose to pair these colors.


On our color wheel, find the Blue-Green color. Directly across from that is the Red-Orange color. These are complementary to one another AND they are also NOT primary colors, but Tertiary colors (Third in order).

You don’t have to just pair the colors on your wheel to it’s exact complementary color. You can also do this by way of Analogous.


 Here is an example. The colors that are 2 to the right or left of any single color you choose on the wheel (making 3 colors) will give you your Analogus colors. See how the middle of the color wheel get lighter as white is added and gets darker towards the outer layer as black is added? This allows you to freely choose which shade of orange. Directly across from these colors are their complements.

When choosing a complementary color to go with your outfit, this is the perfect step-by-step guide that will get you there.

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  • Hazel Carthan

    This is great I love putting different color together.

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